About us

Azad Art Hall is a professional outdoor advertising company of Bangladesh that strives with a vision to assist clients in the development and growth of their presence and awareness by way of outdoor advertising since 1969. We pride ourselves in impeccable customer service; everything in our power is done to accommodate our clients in their outdoor advertising needs, as well as any other assistance we have the opportunity to provide. Our greatest satisfaction stems from the loyalty, our clients have shown us. Our Services offer a full complement of outdoor advertising services.

We believe in adding value and life to our campaigns. Innovative approaches in outdoor advertising can be seen in all of our products and services. We are well equipped to execute outdoor advertising campaign with novelty of modern technology through integrating our own culture and ethnicity.


As an outdoor advertisement company of Bangladesh we offer services for advertisement at National Level for Billboards, Tri-vision, Uni-pole, Neon Sign, Lead Display, Digital Printing, Pushcart, In Store Cabinet, Cash Cabinet, Table Top Dispenser, Outlet Sign, Identifier, Banner Stand, Promotional Gift Item, In house Decoration, etc.