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Shop Branding

We are very experienced and well equiped shop Branding is a key component in the brand promotion of a product with now a days’ stiff competition. We should be very aware on displaying our products and slogans greatly to the customers.
This is the age of merging markets, increased connectivity, falling barriers and profitable conversations with communities around the markets. Today’s business is about how much visibility our products and services have in various shopping malls and street side shops. Shop branding  is a way to create a distinct identity among consumers. Today, shop branding is more important than the products or services it represents.

Azad Art Hall is specialized in shop branding. We are very experienced in design, manufacture and execute the most appropriate shop branding campaign for your company, product and services in Bangladesh.

For in store branding, promotions and displays; we have got specialized team for the execution in well designed structures.  Apart from this, for in store/shop branding we have high speed machinery for printing facilities, laminations, board pasting , lightings, store mountings, table top stands, pop stands, cut out options etc.

For shop branding we execute different type of promotions like canopy promotions in malls and main markets and promo table displays , store decorations , counter decoration , column decorations , completions of best branding displays, various lightings and many more .