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Light Box

Light Box is proven to be an extremely effective advertising tool and is used in such areas as retail displays, airports, train stations, fast food/coffee shops, banks, restaurants, show rooms, supermarkets, cinemas, media, ferries, offices, trade shows and exhibitions. Statistics show that a combination of color and illumination attract the eye of potential customers and has been proven to increase not only customer traffic but actual sales!! Market research has shown that light box advertising in a retail display capacity increased sales of by over 30%, so make sure you don´t miss out on the advantages of illuminated displays for promotions and advertising. For shop windows, a double-sided light box will maximize your advertising potential and of course our external backlit and edge-lit options are available to suit any outdoor requirement.

AAH offers a wide range of quality display light box to ensure you the get best solution for your illuminated sign and retail display requirements. Light boxes can be supplied in ultra slim profiles with edge lit LED lighting or in super large Flex Face format with more traditional backlit fluorescent tube lighting. They can be used for both indoor applications such as illuminated display or outside for illuminated outdoor advertising.

Our friendly team is on hand to discuss your display light box requirements and help you to decide which styles and options are best for you. The light boxes are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring the most even light distribution possible, creating powerful eye-catching displays and bringing your promotional graphics to life.

Different Light Boxes: