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Billboards around Bangladesh

Azad Art Hall stepped into outdoor advertisement industry of Bangladesh through Billboard in 1969 with a vision to ensure quality outdoor advertisement services. Among the very few outdoor advertisement services during the Azad Art Hall’s first decade, Billboard Service was

Light Box

Light Box is proven to be an extremely effective advertising tool and is used in such areas as retail displays, airports, train stations, fast food/coffee shops, banks, restaurants, show rooms, supermarkets, cinemas, media, ferries, offices, trade shows and exhibitions. Statistics

Shop Sign

Azad Art Hall gained huge experiences in Shop Sign. An experienced team with effective networks all over the country made us confident in the shop sign. In Shop sign, we try to touch the sensitivity of the client’s work. Our

Shop Branding

We are very experienced and well equiped shop Branding is a key component in the brand promotion of a product with now a days’ stiff competition. We should be very aware on displaying our products and slogans greatly to the

Digital Printing

High quality Banner, Festoon, Kiosk for your company or products: Azad Art Hall produces a wide range of visually appealing banner, festoon and kiosk with the emphasis on quality and

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Printing Items বিভাগের সর্বাধিক জনপ্রিয় খবর